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    Final report for this rockem sockem sock. As the weather will not cooperate and go lower than 20*, I have to go to Mt. Rogers next month as is. I added an extra sleeping bag converted to an UQ for the real cold I'm sure to get there. With everything buttoned up and using a breath catcher thingy in front of my face, I've experienced zero (0) condensation down to 20* (the breath catcher is of course, very damp) - inside temps vary between 15 and 20 degrees more than outside temps with a humidity level around 70-80%.

    I really like the door for entry/exit. Due to the height of the walls, I find I have to reach up pretty high to grab the top and bring it down. I can unzip a few inches and spy out the land very easily.

    So - I count this a success. Mt. Rogers will be the real test.
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