I finally had a chance to test my Owyhee Top Quilt. I decided to sleep in the hammock in my basement. After setting up my New River, I pulled out the Owyhee (Long) and was really surprised at the difference of feel from my mummy bag.

The weight was the first is the first thing I noticed, for a Synthetic Quilt it comes in at 31 oz, it's heavier than a down quilt, but then I'm not a gram weenie so the weight is just fine by me. Compared to my nearly 4 pounds for my mummy bag the Owyhee is light as a feather.

The second thing is the fabric, compared to the polyester fabric of my mummy bag, the quilt's nylon shell is very comfortable.

The third is the length, I was concerned because I picked up a long quilt from a forum member, I'll be honest at 5'7" I was surprised that I could get my feet into the foot box and not worry about the quilt covering my head.

The fourth is warmth, between the two quilts I was very cozy and nearly on the verge of over heating. For quilts rated at 30*, I believe I could probably take these both lower and be just fine. The insulation is fantastic

My next upgrade is going to be a set of Flamethrower Booties.