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OK guys, I'm 99.999% sure it is me or my computer, but I CAN NOT click on ANY of the links on the Jack's page. The links don't even show up, I know / can see where they should be, but there is nothing there. I cut & pasted the site to a word document & the "pads" that show where the urls are show up then, but still can't click on them.
I did a GOOGLE & found all (Most?) of the pages seperatly, but still can't click on any of the links, or see most of the pictures. It did let me open the order form, but that is all.

I have:
Re booted the computer x 4.
Cleared out my cashe x 2.
Checked my "settings"
& even turned off the pop up blocker.

Still nothing.

Well, just give them a call.