Thinking about heading out for a quick overnight next weekend. Figure a hike in the woods in the nice brisk November air will do wonders for working off all the food I'll have eaten a few days before.

My current plan is to start at the Batsto station, and head towards the Lower Forge camp. Either on the Batona trail, or head up the Mullica River trail and cut over. I'll start Saturday late morning or early afternoon. It's only about 7.3 miles - but I'm out of shape, so I'm gonna take my time, and enjoy the scenery. I'll hang at Lower Forge, and head back out the next morning, likely on whichever of the two trails I didn't come in on.

Any and all are welcome - I'm planning on going regardless. If you want to do more mileage, I'm sure there are other options that could or would land you at Lower Forge.