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    Making a Brazilian type hammock

    If one wanted to try making one of those Latin type hammocks, what size/how much material would you figure it would take? Is there a specific pattern for them? Im thinking they may be similar in designs but maybe in various sizes? Thanx, bill

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    Less material, more cord.

    The Brazilian style hammocks I have at home all have multiple 'lines' coming from the hammock body that form the loop that you attach whatever to in order to hang it. The two line masses (ends) are usually the same length as the hammock body when combined. I haven't found any patterns, but have made several attempts based on the designs of what I have; none have been successful.

    My problem was in attaching the lines to the hammock body. I had a very old machine at the time and it didn't like multiple layers of fabric which I believe is required in order to secure the lines. I've got a new machine now, maybe I'll give it another shot. If I get it right, I'll send you my 'plans'.

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