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    Shugs Video Take on the Warbonnet BlackBird

    Since receiving this hammock I have stared at it, crawled in and out of it, snoozed in it and slept over night in my back 40 in it. I finally feel somewhat qualified to do some impressions on it.
    Had a blast doing this vid but it was the first one on here that I have done that I actually had to stay pretty on track as this crowd knows when ya' drift. My usual palaver and stuff on here too. Lots of 'world noise" ... planes, dogs, cats, birds, trains, sirens. I don't even notice it when I shoot.
    I will include an out take reel as well for those who appreciate "low brow".
    When shooting this I kept on filming into the night so more vid coming soon. Look for "Live from the Hammock" .. Shugs Day.... alky stoves and stuff....and just some of my day. But most all from the hammock.
    I just knock these thing out and am having a ton 'o fun doing them. Good to do when work is a wee slow as creativity breeds creativity. Plus I just love this stuff and appreciate having people that seem to enjoy watching. Too cool! When I edit you would not believe how much I have to "cut out" as I can go on a bit. Ramble on..... and on ....
    Here it is.....

    And the Out Takes....

    All secure in sector seven,
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