At the recent Georgia hang several people took an interest in how I hang my tarp so I thought I'd share it here for anyone else that might want to give it a try. It's nothing new or revolutionary by any means, but slightly different than normally seen.

As you can see there is a prussik attached to my tarp tie out, that then goes onto my ridgeline. The ridgeline then goes around the tree and attaches to another prussik on the ridgeline with a dutch hook.


The advantages of the double prussik are that I can adjust my tarp from under it using the prussik attached to the tarp. The other prussik allows me to have and adjust the "V" to make sure my hammock suspension is running through it. If I'm in tight quarters I can bring the two prussiks together and adjust them as one. This also gives me the same adjustability as a CRL as far as positioning the tarp over the hammock.

Like I said, nothing revolutionary but a slight twist on typical suspension.