Howdy, Was considering making a double layer 1.1oz out of two different widths of material...say 48" and 60". Would do full hems down the sides on both pieces; rolled hems on short edges for whipping channel( both pieces of fabric sew together only on the short edges). The long sides would be open all the way down. I would not be using any pad between the layers..maybe a space blanket. Have any of you made something like this or see any problems with doing so? I think it would work fine as the long side rolled hems are not underneath me on a 48" width/46" w/hems...The wider material would come up on sides of 48" piece by about 6" on each long side. Purpose was to shave down some weight on a full 2 layer 1.1oz with 60" fabric and still get the "feel" of the bilayer.

Thanks Much!