I am preparing to go to the NEHHA winter hang in January and looking into various options. I was planning on ordering a full length UL from HG this week, but did some backyard hanging this past weekend and have some questions about condensation. I have a Clark North American 3 season which I have used in the summer and fall and am planning on using in January. This past weekend I slept out 2 nights. The first night the temp got down to 30*F and I was warm all night, although a couple of times my toes needed some warming up. I was sleeping on top of a 0*f bag with my feet stuck in the foot box on my 30*f bag which I was using as a top quilt. There are 3 pockets on each under side of the Clark which I had filled with inflated with 2 gallon Ziplocks. 1 in the front and back pockets on both sides and 2 in the middle pockets. I read about this someplace and have used it in the Fall occasionally. The Ziplocks do tend to spread the hammock a bit. The 3 season Clark has a built in ripstop stormshield which was zipped in place. When I woke in the morning the the stormshield above my head was drenched and the 0*f bag behind my head was also wet. Seemed to be a lot of water in the vicinity of my head but further down it was dry. When I pulled the Ziplocks out I found that they were wet as well. The plan was to test whether the Ziplocks were doing anything. The second night, no Ziplocks, Opened up the foot of the 0*f bag and wrapped the foot box of the 30*f bag around the footbox of the 0*f bag, ( sort of a cocoon for my toes), and wore my winter cycling socks. I did have a fleece hat on both nights. Nice and warm all night although the temp did not go below 40*f. But I still had the condensation in the vicinity of my head in the morning. Is the condensation an issue or is it something that is just a part of winter camping? Or what can I do to reduce it?? Thanks