Well what a GREAT hike and time in the woods! I'm really sorry we didn't all get you meet you Chewy and Brown!! And RNGN, where were you?

Anyway, it was perfect weather, great fellowship and the hike today was simply the best. Digitizer, Hairbear, Pyro and I finished the one loop and even stopped to cook some lunch along the way. Scenery was great; Hawn is definitely one of the best hiking destinations in Missouri...no doubt.

Ended up with 7 and even had a gift exchange which was great. I finally met someone who truly is compulsive when it comes to stoves so I now feel much better

I'm sure we'll all post some pics later but I have to go now; I have to do a quick test burn with a new stove...I mean I have to pack for business travel in the morning

Thanks to Disco4 for organizing the whole thing