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    4 dayís in De Soto National Forest

    Just did the first trip in my new kayak down Black Creek from Janice Landing to Fairly Bridge.

    Now that I donít wake up on the ground in the mornings with half the joints and muscles in my body asking why are we doing this, it is so much more enjoyable.

    I canít remember who it was that made the comment about the amount of down I was using in my quilts for living in the south on the coast, but it gets to freezing down here too.

    Even when youíre not trying to be stealthy sometimes the shore line is so thick itís tuff to find a spot open enough to hang in.

    But sometimes you will run across a good spot.

    All in all, it was a great trip. Day temps were high 60ís the nights were low 30ís. I only encountered one skeeter when I had to go in land for, well you know. One of my stops was at the sand bar thatís on the Black Creek Hiking Trail. The rangers need to run the mowers down it; the grass is starting to look like my yard. But itís in good condition for those that are able to hike in. Sorry I didnít think to take a picture of it for yaíll.
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