Hey guys see what you think about this. I enjoy backpacking and camping and I'm eager to get into using some hammocking gear. I am thinking about asking for a top quilt and under quilt from all my family for Christmas. I don't have a hammock yet but it looks like the hammock will be about the cheapest part of the system. From what I've seen there are lots of great hammocks for two hundred bucks or less, but the quilts are a little more expensive. I could ask for a hammock but then I won't be able to afford the rest of the system. If I can get the quilts or at least one of them I know I can come up with the cash for a hammock. I'll have to get a tarp too. Do you think this is a good strategy or not so much? Some of the gear I've been looking at are the dream hammocks by papa smurf, JRB quilts, and the Old Man Winter tarp. Thanks.