I've tried to do my homework and read past threads but they mostly consider various foam pads. As a Kayaker, my concerns are different than when I was hiking. Weight doesn't make any difference. Packability is a bit of a concern but I can get creative. You try not to have anything on the deck - if a wave washes over you, you won't have anything on the deck - and inside can get ... tight. So inflatables, thermarest works pretty good.

Also, they seem to have good R factors, R 4-5 for a thickness of 2-3 inches.

I'm only 5' 6" so most short lengths work. But I see different widths; 20 inches, 25 inches, 30 inches. Is there really a difference between a 20 inch and a 25 inch pad?

When I get into foam, I see widths of near 40 inches but the thickness is only 1/4 inch with smaller R factor.

I'd be using this with a BlackBird and/or RidgeRunner, maybe a Hennessy.

The thermarests are more expensive; around $50 - $60. But to even get close to the same insulation it looks like I'd need two foam pads.

I'm considering just getting a 25 x 77 inch thermarest pad with R5 properties.

Should I look further?

Thank you