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    synthetic UQ might be what you want? Try
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Thank you for the update on Sleeve width. Can you tell me a little more about using the thermarest AND the underquilt. Is it like a temperature increment - start out with a Thermarest, as the nights get colder switch to an UQ, as the nights get colder still - use both?

    I now undestand I can add "wings to what ever pad/thermarest I want to use (as long as the pad fits in the wings sleeve) but I'd probably just get a wide pad.

    I'm leaning towards the thermarest because they have the larger (5+ vs 1-ish) R factor. But then, when I see the cost of a wide AND thick Thermarest getting near $100, I think .... maybe I should save a little more and invest in the UQ.

    Lots of options.

    You can see in the For Sale forum that I have getting rid of my COLD down bags (-40 and -20) and the combination TQ and UQ looks like they would total around $400 investment. In my mind that's a lot for cutting a sleeping bag in two. But I do know there is much more to it than that. And they are built in the USA and not by some per-adolescant in China.

    What Temp rating did you get for your UQ and/or TQ? Do they live up to it, go warmer, etc.?
    I haven't used a thermarest AND UQ. I started out with my thermarest and didn't like it much. Then i used ccf pads and liked it better but sometimes i found they fold and kink under you and didn't like that. At that point i bought a yeti3 , three season UQ. Never looked back. UQ's are just allot better for most people. There's a reason why so many people end up there. There easy ,lightweight , compact small etc. UQ's may seem pricey but i'll tell you , and so will anyone else that when they got their UQ and dialed it in there is nothing better. So far i've found that my quilts have been rated correctly but there will always be an overall difference for people of + or -5 degree's because of the way each person's body runs. I'm just starting to winter camp so don't have my winter quilts tested yet. Winters coming. My three season stuff has been great. I was down to about 30 with it. I think the analogy of cutting a sleeping bag in half etc doesn't really fit here. I think you have to remember that its still a small industry and all the stuff i've seen has been top workmanship. When you see how much 850 down costs that doesn't leaves allot of room for profit. I always try and support small cottage industry because it means $$ going directly to a family. The yeti's fit the BB really well. Its taken me a bit of time to dial them in to my Lite Owl. I don't know what temps your trying to get into but some folks have been able to take their three season stuff + space blanket or fleece and some wool clothes ,,add a UQ protector or sock and get down to the low twenties , high teens,,,but again that takes time testing in the backyard. The sock seems to add about ten to fifteen degrees to things. Even my OQ protector seem to make a big difference but have no figures on that.

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    Thank you Bill,
    I spend a few minutes reviewing UQ's again. I really like the idea. The only glitch is, if I'm forced to the ground, it would be a little rough if I don't have any pad at all.

    So I'm evolving my thought to using an UQ (already convinced myself to have a TQ in the future) and also carrying a 3/4 length thermarest - just in case.

    I see the Yeti is for a BlackBird style and the Lynx is for the RidgeRunner. Also, Arrowhead makes one with the Hennessy's in mind.

    I'm not ready to let go of my Survivor yet - I need at least another summer or two to finally settle on one.

    I have this winter/spring to save up, spend, money on TQ/UQ combination.

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    Before I switched to UQs I used the Wallyworld waffle pattern blue pad in my BB double. Its about 24+ wide and about 72" long. Found it to be wide enough for me and I am 6ft2 and 275lbs.

    The smooth blue pad Wallyworld sells is about 20" wid, way too narrow.
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