Quite a few on the BSF reunion hike and hang mentioned an interest in repeating the group at the Savage Gulf so let's start talking it up.

The Savage Gulf has it's own set of challenges-most of them administrative, in that they require permits and only let a certain number of backpackers in at any given time.
Because of the sheer number of us who expressed an interest I can see possibly one group entering at one entrance station and another group entering at another----both groups meeting up down the trail; just thinking of ways to skin their cat of restrictions.

So if interested in a spring hike and hang start chatting. We'll pick a week and go from there. Luckily its way down south and will be warmer whatever week/month chosen----HNO is reading this and thinking back to his 0F hike there!

Group backcountry dinner===if we do this let's plan a huge backcountry dinner. Shouldn't be hard for one of us to batch up a big bowl of pasta for 18 hikers! Another could carry 18 steaks HA! That would have to be one of our strongest hikers, e.g. Spamburgler! OK, a huge group feed would be a challenge, maybe not even to consider, but a backcountry buffet would be cool.

Hike prerequisites? Maybe we should state that to garner rights to the Savage Gulf hand you have to survive one night on Roan the weekend right before Feb. 11th.......well no, if we did that we'd only have 5 or 6 at Savage !!!!

March or April?