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let me throw a wrench into this. it is a fact that hot water freezes quicker because the molecules are farther apart and in a better position to create ice. (water is the only substance that expands when frozen). the hot water pipe in the crawl space freezes first
has anyone found this a problem on the trails?

"The fact that hot water freezes faster than cold has been known for many centuries. The earliest reference to this phenomenon dates back to Aristotle in 300 B.C. The phenomenon was later discussed in the medieval era, as European physicists struggled to come up with a theory of heat. But by the 20th century the phenomenon was only known as common folklore, until it was reintroduced to the scientific community in 1969 by Mpemba, a Tanzanian high school student. Since then, numerous experiments have confirmed the existence of the "Mpemba effect", but have not settled on any single explanation."
Hmm I now need to look into this again. I always believed it to be true but ran across several articles last summer talking about how its not true, just deceiving! Now I have something to read while sitting in the airport traveling for the holidays. True or not I agree with Preacha Man if your bottle freezes in your bag really it is your last concern!