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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaussinator View Post
    I understand the Nalgene bottles are nearly indestructible, but for most of my camping activities, I have always used the 20oz Gatorade bottles. They're 110% watertight and have ribbed sides which makes them pretty tough. If you keep em clean, they last forever. Plus I don't like the weight of a 32oz Nalgene - I prefer two 20's for more flexibility in handling & packing.

    I haven't tried the hot water bottle trick yet, but I'm gonna! Any reason a 20oz or two wouldn't work as well as a genuine Nalgene for this purpose? Also thinking it would be best to make a cozy or some type of insulation pack to release the heat slower, thus lasting longer . . . ?

    I'd be concerned about weakening the plastic in the gatorade bottles. It's a different material, thinner, and not as durable. Definitely try it at home to see what the bottles do. I've deformed lots of plastic doing heat experiments with them....and sometimes even I had to laugh at my foolishness. Be sure it put them in thick socks or some other insulating material...thick enough to protect you and thin enough so the heat comes through.

    A side benefits of using "nalgene" bottles, if you have enough insulation your breakfast water and instant oatmeal water for breakfast is ready. On one trip it hit -8 F on us. Since my water bottles were keeping me warm, I was the first to have a hot drink and breakfast the next morning.
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