I've been lurking and learning for a couple months and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Michigandave (same id as the Isle Royale Forums) and am from the northern suburbs of Detroit. Been backpacking for a couple years and just made the switch to the hammock! I can't believe what I've been missing. Started with a texasport in June at Nordhouse Dunes and got a couple trips out of that on Manitou Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Grand Island. Been using a kelty noahs tarp 12 for shelter and a bug net for those bad days. Bought at eno single and used that for my last trips to Grand Island (again ) and Pinckney Rec. Usually get out about 20-25 days per year. Had plans for the Jordan River Pathway this weekend but I'm not quite ready for snow! Looking forward the meeting up with some fellow hangers in the woods someday!