I've been working on this post for some time, trying to collect data on a lot of options. I'd love to have your feedback on the tool, particularly to see what I've missed.

Hammock Camping la carte

What I hope will be of interest on this post is the la carte table, allowing you to pick and choose from all the hammock camping options available: hammocks, tarps, suspension, straps, and insulation.

The form is simple: Click on a gear option and a drop-down list will appear showing all the options. Select your gear to see the price and weight recalculated before your very eyes!

NOTE: I'd like to keep this list up-to-date, but I also want to be reasonable with the upkeep. For example, some manufacturers have dozens of options and configuration possibilities but I am trying to limit the list to the stock models and options.

One thing I hope to add in the future will be some meta data on certain items so that you can get a better idea of comparison (for example, dimensions on a tarp or under quilt).