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    Tarp Coverage Comparison (Pix, Various Models)

    Off the heels of my post demonstrating how to pitch the Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp off the center, I thought it would be enlightening to see a few different tarp models in comparison to show coverage.

    I used a wide-angle lens to get all the tarp in the frame so there is a slight distortion on the edges, but hopefully that will not take away from the visual presented.

    All the tarps were centered within the 12 ft (366 cm) pipe stand. You can see that outside of the enormous Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp (2012 model), the other tarps all provide nearly the same coverage along the ridge line.

    I have a few more tarps, but I ran out of space (and ridge lines!) to show them all at the same time. I'll post additional photos soon with some other models.

    EDIT: I just added a few more hex tarps from Hennessy, OES, and Hammock Gear for comparison (11/23)

    Ridge line measurement listed

    • Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Rainfly 70D Polyester: 132 in (335 cm)
    • Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly 70D Polyester: 141 in (358 cm)
    • GoLite Poncho Tarp 2012 - 124 in (315 cm)
    • OES MacCat Standard Hex - 122 in (310 cm)
    • ENO Dry Fly - 130 in (330 cm)
    • OES Mac Cat Deluxe Hex - 131 in (333 cm)
    • Ticket to the Moon Diamond Tarp - 138 in (350 cm)
    • Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp (Pitched off the diamond axis) - 123.5 in (314 cm)
    • Grand Trunk Funky Forest Tarp (Pitched as a diamond tarp) - 178 in (452 cm)
    • Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Hex w/doors: 130 in (330 cm)

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