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Am just about to get my whoopies in the post so will be practising them in the garden on the weekend ... if it stops raining We're all flooded out here in Britain
I made some tree straps from some stiff and thick polyester webbing sewn with a Speedy Stitcher. The look awful, however they do function.

I'd completely forgotton I have both original straps left over from the whoopie conversion that I can use, that are softer and lighter.

Some say they stretch a lot, but I hadn't noticed when they were on.
I'll make a spare or replacement set from those straps, thanks for jarring my memory.

Nick from DD intimated in an email 2 months ago that there had been an awful lot of rain. Stay safe and dry. I guess be careful that the tree's rootballs aren't waterlogged and the trees don't move on you. Theories this happens exist on the Forum, on very very very rare occasions. Just pick bigger tree's I guess.