Made a roadtrip up to PA to spend Thanksgiving with family, and came prepared to get a few nights outside. The forecast called for a low of 28 at night, so before it got dark, I set up camp back in the woods along a small but wonderful sounding stream.

I didn't actually go to bed until after 10pm, and it was 32.5 on the back porch, with heavy frost already on the cars. The hammock warmed up quickly after I got in it, and once I got nestled in, felt pretty comfortable between my down TQ & IX UQ. I figured 4-layers of IX should be good to around freezing, and anything below that would be a bonus.

Well, it's definitely good to freezing, and was cool but still comfortable down to at least
the 22 I awoke to this morning! My butt and back were cool, but not uncomfortably so, although if I had a pad with me, I would have used it.

I realize everyone's got their own limits and levels of comfort, but thought this info might help someone who's curious about IX.

Happy holidays & happy hangin!