I thought I would share this photo to demonstrate just how light our portable hammock stand it. This is my daughter Lily aged two carrying one!

The packed-down size is bout 30 inches by 4 inches and weighs 54 ounces including a lightweight hammock.

Here's what it looks like once set up:

My brother kindly took this shot of my parents using it on Welsh mountain. My brother was flying his paraglider

It can even be set up on sand with the use of double length 24 inch pegs (instead of our normal 12 inch pegs) which we sell especially for sand use.

Full details of the product, videos, pictures, review etc are available at HandyHammock.co.uk and we'll be adding loads more over the coming months. We will shortly be opening our doors to US and Canadian customers (albeit with high shipping charges) and we welcome enquiries from potential re-sellers.

We will be publishing an occasional email newsletter which you can sign up to if you re interested in being notified of offers, product developments, re-sellers in your country ec etc. Nothing over the top, maybe an email every few months.


Jason Andrews

PS The supporting struts are 55 inches when extended. Somebody asked me and I said I'd post it to the forum.