I've just acquired a homemade quilt, made out of 1.1 ripstop nylon and Climashield Combat 3.7 oz. It has a drawstring at the top and a sewn footbox. It's 78" long and 49" wide at the top. It weighs roughly 20 oz. I changed my mind about it, before I even received it. (This has something to do with my other recent quilt purchase) You couldn't even buy the materials for the price of the quilt.

Here is the original thread from the first owner.


I think I'm the third owner, but the quilt is really clean and would be really usable in warmer weather or as an inner layer. If it was wider, I would keep it for the summer. Unfortunately, the summer quilt I want would cost nearly $100 for materials and I wouldn't be able to make it anyway, so I'll just keep using an old sleeping bag.