I must say that the NX-250 rocked on my first outing!

The list of sleeping gear I took:
1. Clark NX-250 with the XL Rain Fly
2. An old Coleman sleeping bag from the 80s
3. Therma rest Prolite Plus
4. Mid-weight polartec base layer clothing
5. Small throw fleece blanket
6. A beanie
7. Wool socks

I took the hammock out to east Texas for a short camping trip with some friends. I didn't have too much of a hard time setting it up once I found the trees to use. I did notice that I had to hang the tree huggers a little high since the trees were spread apart a good distance. I'm learning as I go. Also, I could have done a better job setting up the tarp as well, but it worked fine. One little trick I tried was using pony tail hair ties as a make shift shock cord on each of the tarp loops. Seemed to work pretty decent.

The temperature was very nice during the day(high 60s or so), but at night it got around 38-40 degrees. While we were kicking back around the campfire trying to stay warm, I kept thinking that I might not be able to handle the cold in the hammock since I'm a warm sleeper. We'll needless to say, once I got into the hammock and my sleeping bag, I stayed pretty toasty. The only cold that I felt was on my face. I only woke up twice through out the night mainly shifting from my back to my side. I think I could have endured maybe 5-7 degrees lower before it might start to feel a little uncomfortable.

This first outing was good experience in the hammock and it gave me an idea of additional stuff I'd like to buy.

The list of additional sleep gear:
1. Balaclava
2. Small tarp to place under the hammock on the ground
3. Small light for inside the hammock
4. Small thermometer
5. Better sleeping bag.
6. Replace the suspension system... Seriously thinking about whoopie slings

I'm also looking into underquilts, top quilts, and a larger tarp, but I'm still doing my research on them.

After a couple of months of researching all the cool hammock brands out there, I'm happy that I spent the money for an NX-250. I have to say that this was the most comfortable night of sleep that I've ever had camping. And all you guys are a great wealth of information and good inspiration for mods.