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    Warbonnet Blackbird Ridgeline

    So i wanted to use a lighter line for the ridge line, something like some 1.75 zing it/lash it. I also wanted to experiment a little about length of the ridge line to change the lay. However, i was just told that one should not change the on the warbonnet. Why is that? and if it CAN be done, what was something that you experienced when you did it such as, making it longer or shorter, the max length your could do without ripping the bug net, stuff like that.


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    not knocking you but this is like the 3rd thread about this this week!

    no, dont change it too long and youll tear the netting, too short and itll bunch up the netting and cause it to droop.

    WB has designed that RL to be the "optimum" for most users, not to mention that even swapping it out wouldnt really get you any big savings in weight.
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