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Just a quick hello to everybody here... I hope all of you ate way too much and have survived Black Friday.

Just a little about me... I started hanging from trees about 5 years ago. And actually the reason why I got involved with hammock camping is I was doing a lot of kayak fishing.
And there were many times the places I wanted to camp you couldn't put a tent or a sleeping bag down, because the ground was either wet or too rocky.

And on top of that when you could find a campground they wanted an arm and a leg For the night because I had a kayak.

Well needless to say I found Hennessy hammocks and I was in heaven.I've done many two and 3 weekers down on the Everglades.
And when Wilma came through and took the top of my condo off, I took my kayak and hammock and lived on the river for a couple months until all was okay.
I'm in South Florida so a lot of the stuff you guys talk about as far as cold weather camping is something I know very little about.

But if you want to know about how to keep the skeeters from sucking every last drop of blood you have, well now that's something I know about.
So again just a quick hello to say howdy and I hope to learn a whole bunch from you all.
hey from palm beach.... PLEASE share your secret on those blood suckers...Also please let me know if you have some cool hang spots that I can take my son to... Been in Palm beach for only 3 years and would love to find some great spots in south florida..