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    Quote Originally Posted by HammockDreamer View Post
    Had to sort my posts out it went pear shaped... anyways

    Man! that shelter looks the bees knees. And I love the shape, if Andrew Skurka can does what he does in 1 of those duomids u are gonna be rocking.

    Don't forget that there are huts all the way on the overland track so u wouldn't hardly ever have to set up a shelter if u didn't want to.

    Phillipsart what are your thoughts on the phoenix UQ?

    Cheers Simon,
    I read reports on loud snorers keeping others awake at night, and the smell and noise. I prefer my own quiet spot. I doubt i will use any of the huts, particularly if theres a lot staying in them and theres all the scavengers I keep reading about, not the feathered or furry variety, the human variety,

    I been told and read many hikers go unprepared and scavenge food from other hikers. I also read that many go over prepared and cant give away there food quick enough, so I guess in the end it all works out.

    It would probably very amusing and entertaining in the huts to see what others carry. I believe someone even carried a esky with ice on the Overland Track.
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