Just wanted to thank the Forum members for presenting so much valuable information concerning hammock camping. I have been a life long (now 60 years young) 4 season back country camper via kayak, canoe, small sail boat, and snow ski, although I haven't camped in winter in the last 4 years.
Most of my camping is now sea kayak based since my knees no longer want to co-operate. The limited space available in a kayak and my growing discomfort with crawling in/out of small tents and the increasing size of my sleeping pad have helped push me to take a more serious look at hammock camping. This forum has been sensory overload (thanks so much!) and the Black Friday sales have fueled a new addiction. Although I was concerned at first that I may be too big (6'4" x 260 lb) the information I was able to collect here and on You Tube made me throw caution to the wind. I've ordered a WBBB 1.7 double & MJ tarp w/door kit, and WL 3/4 UQ 20f. With retirement less than 18 months away, I intend to put them to good use.......and heck, I'm worth it (here's hoping my wife agrees!)
Thanks to all......especially WB guy