I decided to take advantage of the day after Thanksgiving to go up to Raven Cliffs again, this time as a solo hang just to get away. The wind was blowing and by the time I arrived the clouds rolled in and a drizzle started and then a light rain fell while setting up. I sat in the hammock for half an hour then the rain quit and the clouds parted just before dark. I got a fire going and had dinner but never really got warmed up again before finally turning in. The wind would come in from different directions, and gust so hard the crinkle of the Mambajamba Spinn tarp would flatten on the netting of the Blackbird and wake me. The chill that I got was not like any before, I have 2 extra ounces on both top and bottom quilts and even adjusted up tight, the wind would seep in the bottom at times. The solution for this is to send my other tarp to 2QZQ for a door install on both ends after this chilly experience, and get an Underquilt protector for the Incubator! I've hung in colder temperatures before, but the dampness from the creek and rapids next to me and the wind took their toll on comfort away from em for the first time. Hopefully, this will do the trick!