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I work the weekend of Feb 8, 9, &10th and the weekend of 22, 23 & 24th.

Hopefully we can do the weekend of the 15th, 16th & 17th, or March 1, 2, &3.
I won't know the dates until mid-January, but will get them out ASAP and will keep your dates in mind.

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this may actually be possible for me to make. its a bit of a trek, assuming google maps is correct, but not that far, and gas is cheaper in the USA anyways. Work is a little flexible for me these days, so it should be a go
It'd be cool to have someone from the Big CA down to our neck of the woods!

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I'm in. How long is the hike? I lost a knee along the way and don't hike but could fake it a short way.
It's a really short hike on very flat terrain. Takes about 5 minutes if you are walking slow. Best part of the "hike" is right at the beginning when walking over the way cool suspension bridge.

Also, that time of year there tends to be a bit of ice around, bring a pair of Yak-tracks o similar for the walk.