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    DIY Doors For Mamajamba W/Panel Pulls Tarp

    I've been wanting to make doors for my Mamajamba tarp for a long time and finally sat down and made some out of scrap material - 1.1 Ripstop DWR 2nds from DIY Gear Supply.

    At first I wanted to make doors and just sew them on, then I mentally flipped a coin and instead made some Grizz Beaks (SOB - Son Of Beak). I hooked up my tarp spreaders and the doors work wonderfully well. It's really windy here today and with the doors, it's very still under the tarp.

    I used the pattern that Grizz provided here:

    The dimensions and top angle are spot on for this tarp. So now on to making another set for the other side.
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