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I just see a lot of people making suggestions (many of which are well thought out, and might actually help certain deficiencies) and then when they don't get the response they hoped for from the mods, they take it personal, or feel like the mods are being unreasonable.

Make suggestions. If you get what you asked for, cool. If not, shrug your shoulders, and keep on hanging. Or don't. But don't let it bother you. Imagine the alternative - instead of it being a little more disorganized than you prefer, it could not be available at all.
If your suggesting that I am getting upset at the reactions to my suggestion, then you got me all wrong. I am in no way getting upset or frustrated with peoples responses on an internet forum. I am merely just arguing my point and justifying the logic in my original suggestion.

"I aint mad"

Sometimes, one's tone and diction can be misinterpreted. That is most likely my fault.