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Had family in town over the weekend. Surprise visit. My young cousin wandered into the workshop/gear room/sewing room/armory and was awed. We had fun talking and me showing him various items and what they are for. We were in process of picking a hammock to set up in the yard for him to try when my aunt came in looking for him. Hasnt seen me in few years and thinks I am crazy. She asked why one person would need so many hammocks, sleeping bags/quilts, rucksacks, and various other items. I told her so that I was covered for all different weather types, terrains, styles of camping and have enough to help a buddy out if they need to borrow something. She just shook her head and muttered something about"crazy outdoors types". To make my point my cuz and I grabbed our choices and set up in the yard. Even built a small fire to cook hotdogs. He loved it all. Believe we have a new hanger in the making.

And Baja,will be more than happy to help take stuff off your hands. Help you with your marital bliss and make my family think I'm even stranger
I love it when my family thinks I'm crazy or strange...and I try hard not to give them any reason not to. My gear corner is growing and may have to move into my flyfishing room (yep, I said room) soon...