Here's my take on a hammock sock. After much thought and examination of all the different versions out there (Just Jeff, Warbonnet, MacEntyre, Sgt Rock), I decided to do one with a zipper. The design was heavily influenced by the Warbonnet Traveler bugnet, very simple and straightforward. The next one I'll make with a flap/SEEP like a TED bugnet, just so it's more kid-friendly.

Constructions details: 1.5 oz ripstop, #3 coil zipper. Length is 114" for a 110" hammock ridgeline. Shape is a semicircle.

The end of the video shows how I laid out the radius on the fabric. I did the zipper line the same way with a shorter radius.

It still needs to be thoroughly field tested, but it does keep the wind off which was my primary reason for building it.