Like most, I'm a long-time lurker. My dad gave me a HH Explorer Asym Ultralight Classic a year or two ago to try out, and I just ended up keeping it! He gave it to me at the peak of my ultralight snobbishness, so I was hesitant to try it out. MAN was it comfortable! I loved the design, and the all-in-one-ness of it. I've had it out several times, the first of which was a 3 day, pouring rain backpacking trip with temps in the 30-40 range... with NO pad or insulation! I slept for maybe 4 hours those two days. CBS to the max! I borrowed extra layers, had 2 hot water bottles... I was sweating on the top, and freezing on the bottom. BUT, I was dry. All my friends were sleeping under tyvek tarps, in tyvek bivys, trying not to float away with all the rain. My tarp (a 10x10 Cooke Custom from my canoeing days) was the place to be. I always had the best spot too, since it didn't matter what the ground was like!

I haven't slept on the ground since!

I just purchased a WBBB, Superfly, and Incubator to upgrade my experience.

I'm married, with two kids and one in the oven due in January. I just finished up 6 months of chemotherapy and surgeries fighting my second battle with testicular cancer (I'm 28!). This was one of the main reasons to move away from fighting the bottom velcro entry and pads. I've got a 16" incision right down the middle of my abdomen, which makes laying down difficult... but the hammock is oh so comfortable!

My wife and I moved to Eugene, OR 5 years ago after we graduated college and LOVE IT. We're originally from SE Missouri.

I love the outdoors for many reasons, one of which is the abundance of incredible childhood memories with my father and brothers.

My dad recently got my son one of the special run child sized Hennessy Hammock, but we've yet to be able to use any place besides our back yard. Soon though!

I'm a pastor to youth and families, finishing up a master's of spiritual formation. I'm passionate about technologies role in education, and desperately hate child sexual exploitation (specifically in the US and Cambodia).

Yikes! </end ramble>

Love the forums here, some great information and people. Ask if you have any questions!