I'm curious about the new 'secondary' suspension system Adam is using on his quilts now. I know that they were hoping to do some sort of instructional video or something, but what with the Black Friday sale I'm sure that's the last thing they have time for.

So, to the point - does anyone have any pictures they can post, showing the suspension attached and deployed? I've seen a few pictures in various threads showing a closeup of the linelock that's on a grosgrain loop, but not of it actually used and or connected to anything. I've read the thread Adam posted all about it, and I'm pretty sure I understand what it's all about - but a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Sometimes you just need to see something in order to confirm what you think is correct.

So if anyone has one of the newer quilts, and might have time to take a handful of pics, or if you're really industrious post a short video, that would be awesome.