We go to Iowa a couple of times a year to visit family. This time I took all of my hammock and camping gear on the off chance I could find good trees to hang from and to show my gear to my oldest (16) grandson. Couldn't find the right trees anywhere. Thought I had some at my sister-in-law's, but they turned out to be in the neighbors yard. Then the temps. dropped to 19 with strong winds, which my gear won't handle anyway. So I didn't get to hang and didn't convert anybody. My grandson enjoyed looking at all the gear and really liked my Mora Companion neck knife. Since I couldn't use it, I put my pack with the gear out in the truck and forgot to take my Sawyer Squeeze out, so when the temps dropped to 19, I ruined that. I ordered a new one, plus a 20* Burrow on black friday. Knowing that a new TQ is in the works perked me up.