Hi all,

I have had my UL for a half year or so and bought it specifically because it was so cheap and to test the waters for camping with it. I brought it on a backpacking trip and was able to set it up and sleep in it for two nights, but it wasn't particularly comfortable. I found this forum/site after the fact and have gone to the local park and set it up a couple times following the guides on here. Both times I was marginally more comfortable than the camping trip. Am I doing something wrong, or am I just too tall for this hammock to work for me.

I'm 6'4", 170lbs so I know that I'm not near the weight limit, but i can tell that my height is possibly an issue. I have laid in the hammock diagonally and noticed that it doesn't help. As I said I followed the instructions when hanging my hammock and I noticed that after sitting in it for ~20-30 minutes I was nearly touching the ground! Here are the pictures that I took of the setup when I was there last time, notice that the ties are at ~6ft high:

The trees are ~17 feet apart, just a couple feet further than recommended

This is how I attached the UL to the ties.

Another Angle

How it's around the tree. You can see that I had to shorten it over time, after the hammock started to sink to the ground.

Does anyone have suggestions for me? Any better/more suitable hammocks for me? I'd love to have one that has a mosquito net/cover for rain as well...\

Thanks for reading and helping!