I've been looking into quilt construction for an upcoming DIY, and I see it is necessary for baffles to placed in quilts to manage the position of the down; without them, it will all settle to the bottom under the user. All the quilts I have seen run only one direction (side to side, or end to end) which would seem to still allow down to settle (since the bottom of a hammock is "dome" shaped).

Has anyone tried to do a quilt with either criss-crossing baffles, or even a diagonal "cross ways" pattern between 0 and 90 degrees? Is this question even necessary?

On a related note; does baffle width (quilt thickness) determine warmth, or is it more dependant on the weight of down put into a given volume (assuming it's not compressed). I've been having trouble figuring out how much down I should use and how thick I should expect for a 0deg rated quilt setup.