I picked up a tarp line for my OES Deluxe and my HH Survivor and love them both but I was hoping for some pointers that could be dumbed down, romper room, barney style for me.

For starters, I'm a large farm animal at about 6ft and 265. No issues with the ridgeline except for it not being long enough to suspend over my hammock when I've got it hung all the way out on my 10 ft. whoopies. Which brings me to the root of my problem... I picked up an "all in one system" with 10 foot whoopies. I'm actually limiting the places that I can hang because my whoopies are so long. And when I'm hanging in places where my whoopies aren't completely tightened, I run into the first problem. Now all of that being said, I also get to the point where the whoopies are almost TOO tight... is this because I'm a person in a pig suit, or is it common? I'll push my huggers up the tree 7 feet or so, and tighten and if I hang it at that 30 degree mark, I usually end up on the ground?

I realize this probably is a combination of my not being able to follow simple directions and being a barrel chested (and assed) animal.