So with all the talk of sub-32°F hangs going about I decided it's time to start thinking about Spring. So who is interested in a Smoked Butt (that's pork butt [aka the shoulder] for all you who don't know) BBQ hang?

Instead of seeing how cold we can go, we see how full we can make our bellies on some fine BBQ and fixings. Instead of carrying heavy canvas socks, we carry plates piled high of pulled pork and tater salad. Instead of worrying about loosing a finger to frost bite, we worry about loosing a finger because it got a bit sauce on it and we accidentally ate it in our porcine fueled pig out.

I've gotten the official okay and all clear from the local state park on the hanging and the smoking. Now I'm just wanting to test the waters on the interest.

If you're not sure, then just think someone may bring some yummy Peach Cobbler and Banana Puddin'.