First, as a somewhat belated thank you for being so welcoming to me when I first joined this board over 2 years ago, I just made my first donation to the Forums - so, thanks again for being part of and maintaining such a great community of hammock and outdoor lovers!

Even better though, I am instituting a new policy at TLG that I hope will allow me to contribute even more throughout the year. You've heard of '1% For the Planet', we can call this '1% For the Hammock Forums'. From this point forward, if you mention Hammock Forums when you make a purchase online (there's a 'Where did you hear about us?' question and HF.Net is an option) I will donate 1% of the proceeds from every one of those sales back to the forums! Whether you do a big group buy or the sales just come through individually here and there, I'm sure they will add up over time and hopefully allow me to give back much more than the small donation levels available through the site.

Additionally, I'm also welcoming and encouraging any of the other hammock companies represented in the forums to do the same and I hope that they will. It's obvious that there's a lot of hammocks and gear being bought as a result of the great discussions and recommendations on this board and if we all contribute 1% of those sales back to the HF community, we'll guarantee that the forums will continue to grow and become an even better resource for people looking to get into or learn more about hammocking. At the very least, it could be enough to buy some cool HF branded schwag.

Happy holidays everyone - stay warm!