Ok, I've got the new 2.0 full length HG incubator 20f with a 1oz overstuff, I was also using a Kelty Cosmic 20f down bag. The area was a bit windy and didn't setup the tarp, temps were down to about 32-35.

I was kind of chilly, started out with cotton pants, t-shirt, polypro neck warmer and a took; later added wool long sleeve shirt. My core was doing ok after the wool but my legs kept getting cold. I was colder when I curled in a ball, I'm assuming the down got compressed when I did that. I had the kelty out on top of me like a top quilt I didn't zip it up.

I clipped the s clips to the whoopie and it looked like it wasn't too tight and there weren't any gaps at the end due to the 2nd set of suspension being tight across the hammock ends.

My buddy was using a 0degree synthetic and a thermarest in a grand trunk... He has maybe $200 in his entire setup and I've got what should be a primo setup and was cold... This has to be user error right?