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Nice job Diva! Have you tried it out yet? How cold are you able to go and still be comfortable?
Sorry Stevebo, I missed your post....I was still adding pictures and steps. Ohio right now is unseasonably warm the past couple of days, and I just got this much done last night. I still have some fixing to do. My UQ is 20 degrees, and the patrol bags are 30 (more like 35), so I think I'm pretty good for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at me. In Ohio that is. Not Mother Nature in Minnesota

I was also planning on spraying DWR on either the entire outside of the POD or perhaps just the bottom portion. Any thoughts on that?

It's also not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. Removing those Military zippers are a big help on weight. Still not for the UL, but fine for my use right now.