Yeah, I know, I have to take some pictures, but Ma Nature decided to rain, so I will describe first, then take pics later.

I made my first DIY hammock today. Longest part was putting a hem in all 4 edges. Material: 1.1 calendared nylon in coyote brown, black Gutterman Thread. That is all! Unfinished specs: 60 inches by 9 ft 3 inches. Finished weight including 2-12" Dynaglide Dogbones and a small Cuben stuff sack, was 6 1/8 ounces.
Hemmed all four edges, gathered ends and did a Speer-style knot.
Initial lay (used my indoor stand with my usual sleep hammock still attached) was decent.

I decided on the Speer style, because of the thin material. I have noticed that the 1.1 nylon, if you sew it too much, will start to rip out like perforated paper.

I hope I can get it out soon for pictures. Initial impression: I am happy with how easy it was to put together, the weight is very nice, the length seems like it should be long enough (I am rather short), only thing left is to test durability.

Rats, now I want to make another one!