Hi All
On Friday night I set off to stealth camp at a place I had found once before. There in the bush was a barge that must have been used on the dam in Mundaring but it had long been abandoned because it was a long way from the waters edge and trees had grown up all around it.

I had the gps co-ordinates for it so the plan was to hike out and find then hang the night there and hike back in the morning. I had a very good time and it was nice to get away for a while.
So here are are few pics of my time in the bush.
I hope you enjoy them

have a look at these co-ords in google earth and you will see where I was for the night.
Lat 31 58.500'S
Lon 116 12.178'E

My hammock setup in the morning

The barge

I was trying out a new way to tie out the sides of my Neo 9x9 camo tarp, it really opens up the inside this way.

In the morning I awoke to this view about 50ft away.

Another view of the dam

While I was there I tried out a new down vest I had bought the week before.
Shame about the model