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    Snakeskins for tarp/hammock or hammock only?

    Before I place an order for my first Hammock (hyperlite), I'm trying to decide what size snakeskinz to get (among other things). I believe the #4 will fit both the hammock and tarp inside going from email correspondence, but I'm not sure if it is best to store them both together. With no hammocking experience, its tough to know how I will prefer to set it up. I'm sure its infinitely easier to just have them both together, but perhaps it's best to have them stored seperately so that you can have more space between the top of the hammock and tarp to avoid claustrophobia and other issues that I can't imagine now. If it's best to only keep the hammock in the snakeskin, then I'd probably need a smaller size snakeskin then?

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    keep the tarp separate. when its raining you'll set up tarp first, dry site, then continue setting camp.
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    The #4 snakeskin will fit a hammock and underquilt...probably too big for the tarp unless you get an oversized one (hex or similar).

    If you store the tarp and hammock in the same set of skins, be very careful to avoid getting your hammock wet. This also makes it harder to set up in the have to worry about the hammock getting wet while you fix the tarp.

    Personally, I keep the tarp by itself in an outer pocket of my pack. If it's raining, I set up the tarp first, tied directly to the trees. Then I get under the tarp and unpack everything where it's nice and dry, and the tarp doesn't sag when I get in. When I pack up in the morning, the wet tarp goes in last so my hammock and stuff never gets wet.

    Whether I use skins or not, the tarp is never stored with the hammock.

    Sometimes I've used a separate set of skins for the tarp....makes setup a bit easier in windy conditions, keeps it all closed up when packed, etc. I like setting tying up the ridgeline but keeping the tarp skinned overnight. Then I can see the stars as I fall asleep, but if rain moves in I just unwrap it and stake it...takes about 30 seconds to get a nice tight tarp. Mesh skins work good...I think that was slowhike's idea.
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    Tarp in skins, hammock/UQ in stuff sack. Best way to go IMO

    I still haven't tried the mesh skins - I think I like the idea of being able to pack my tarp inside my pack without soaking everything else. I may add a mesh pocket to the outside of my pack at some point though - for odds and ends - that's big enough to put my tarp in to dry. I also may go for a BB sack for the tarp, too. And add a couple of grosgrain ties to the ridgeline for furling and stargazing.
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