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OK, we got it and did a little camping this weekend.

First, (and this may be a little 'metro', but) I love the color of the 1.1! It is a really nice slate grey.

There is a difference in the lay between the double 1.7 & 1.1 fabrics; not huge, but there. I didn't sleep in Genuine Draft's 1.1, but I certainly put in some lounge time. I am 6' and somewhere around 225lbs (I don't go near scales until Feb.). I noticed that I 'dipped' more in the 1.1, especially at the butt. Shoulder squeeze was not an issue, but there was more pressure at the shoulders than there is in my 1.7. I'm not talking about real big differences, just subtleties. It actually reminded me of my original ElDorado, except bigger.

I would be quite comfortable taking it on any Trail and am still considering it as my 'hiking' version. I still want to try a single layer 1.7 and see how it compares; probably a literal bigger version of the ElDorado. Maybe it's time for another trip to Warbonnet Outdoors; aka: Brandon's garage.
OK then, thanks for that info. I figure if you get more butt sag with the 1.1- even just a little- then the 1.7 will probably be a little flatter ( more comfortable) when on my side. At least for those of us over 200 lbs.

The question will be whether or not to ditch that increased comfort- will be worth 6 or more oz- on the trail. Probably not- go for the comfort- if I have the pack weight otherwise down to reasonable weight. My BB and and BMBH weigh about the same ( roughly 2 lbs). But my Claytor is at least ( I'm pretty sure, just IMO so far) as comfortable for side sleeping as my BB, and only weighs 22 oz. Of course, it also does not have a net, is not near as roomy and does not have the storage areas. Plus I think it is longer, which is a tarp coverage consideration.