I am totally new to winter hammocking and the forums. I just ordered my underquilt and top quilt from hammockgear and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival

I have read several people say that you don't want to overdress or you will lose warmth, but when watching videos from the Frozen Butt Hang it seemed like everyone was wearing everything they had! So does that rule have a temp limit?

Here is my question: What are the best materials, layers and amounts of clothes to wear if you are not concerned with over heating, but only warmth and moisture management. Thanks!

(I hope this is not a duplicate, but I didn't see anything after briefly searching.)


P.S. I ordered a 0' Incubator and Burrow if that factors in to the question and I am not sure how cold I will go, but I frequent Colorado and the mountains so I want to be ready for 0'-ish.